Intelligent Ecosystem Solutions

Delivering intelligent automation services to empower healthcare ecosystems

We apply the IA Cycle to every step in end-to-end healthcare processes (“IA Ecosystems”) which constantly provides both reactive and proactive intelligent automation to improve patient outcomes and experience, reduce costs and optimize revenue opportunities and capture, and reducing clinician administration and burnout. 

Continuum of Care

Four Points analyzes internal and external data to determine quality, compliance, cost, and revenue issues in various areas such Service Lines, HACs, Patient Throughput, etc.  We then implement IA Cycle automation across those areas to drive improvement and continuously monitor results, and adjust as needed.  This typically applies to processes from Patient Intake and Acute Care, through Discharge and Post-Acute Care. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Four Points analyzes claim internal and external data for reimbursements to identify revenue optimization opportunities and denials to determine accuracy and cost problems.  IA Cycle is then applied across all problem areas to reactively correct denials and optimize revenue.  IA Cycle is also applied to the upstream processes such Patient Intake, Eligibility, Pre- and Retro- Authorizations, Coding, Credentialing, etc. to proactively correct errors and inefficiencies.

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