IA Services

Four Points leverages a multitude of services, all designed to minimize risks while expediting the delivery of value. Our offerings encompass a broad range, including Intelligent Automation Solutions, the vital stages of Discovery, Design, and Deployment, as well as Sustainment. Each one of these services is integral to the process of automation maturity, providing the necessary thought leadership and unmatched technical expertise at each juncture. Our approach ensures that we not only identify the best opportunities for automation within your business but also design robust solutions and deploy them effectively. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainment guarantees long-term success, continually monitoring and optimizing your automation processes to maintain efficiency and productivity.

IA Advisory planning to collaborate with an executive sponsor


Collaboration with executive sponsors and key stakeholders, to assess the current state, and future state requirements, to provide foundational components to support an automation program, from which to perform discovery, design, and deployment efforts or to assist with further expanding and scaling the IA program across the enterprise: 

  • For initiating a program, we assist and support with launching, or recalibrating previous efforts, and performing discovery activities, 
  • With continuous support, for expanding and scaling your IA program efforts, providing ongoing subject matter expertise to perform additional discovery activities,  
  • And support for design and deployment efforts, overseeing project and roadmap execution. 


A comprehensive assessment, of current state, best practices, and future state requirements, is performed conducting on-site/virtual interviews and a review of available artifacts; standard operating procedures, process documentation and data, process specific KPIs, ideation automation backlog, and other related information that is considered, to prioritize use cases for automation and form the basis for a self-funding roadmap.   

IA roadmap

Self-Funding IA Roadmap

The Self-Funding IA Roadmap is one of our most valuable deliverables and provides a 12 – 18-month plan for implementing IA across the organization.  In our Discovery engagements, we are able to quickly determine the ffort and cost of use case implementations as well calculate the resulting ROI.  We then assemble the most logical and efficient implementation plan that will ensure a minimal initial cash outlay that produces immediate returns that can be applied to the next automation, and so on, such that significant annual returns and sustainable ROIs are achieved.

Define and document process requirements

IA Design

The process consists of defining process requirements and documenting the process and solution details. During design, existing customer assets, our IA asset library and product ecosystem, and a custom build are all considered, singularly or in combination, for a robust automation design and the best fit for purpose.

For a robust design and best fit for purpose, customer assets, the FPH asset library and product ecosystem will be considered, singularly or in combination.

Develop and unit test solutions


Our deployment services consist of the developing solutions, based on an approved design. All development activities are performed in accordance with a standardized implementation and an agile development methodology, that includes code reviews and analysis to ensure compliance with our, and as applicable to customer’s standards.

Maintain solutions and monitor by exception, perform break-fix


We offer support and maintenance on deployed solutions through active digital monitoring of the automation solutions, against specific KPIs, performing break-fix and minor change requests as needed, provided on 24x7 or 8x5 basis. 

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